I had an extraordinary experience in 2013 in the jungle of Peru, where I did a spiritual retreat for 10 days in a very small shack (tambo) with an uneven dirt floor, a bed, a hammock and a small bench that served as a table and chair;  with only the light of the sun and the moon, a divine river a few steps away, frightening nocturnal noises, and nothing more.

On the 2nd day I found myself standing in the doorway wondering what the hell I was doing there, when suddenly and without permission, a small and intrusive butterfly landed on my foot.  The emotion was great, but even more so when a wasp that also landed next to her; and perhaps wanting to sting, I shook my foot and it left, but the butterfly did not even flinch.  Just like when I would extend my hand and ask my parrot to climb on, I did the same with the butterfly;   To my amazement, it hopped and landed on my finger.  Not so much that, I laid down in the hammock with her in my hand.  I don’t know long she was with me, but I took many pictures.  She ran across my body and my long white dress. I brought her close to my face, kissed her, talked to her and asked what she wanted from me.  Suddenly, she flew away.  I tried to make her stay longer, but no, it seemed that she had fulfilled her mission …?  After this extraordinary experience with the yellow and orange butterfly, I experienced a feeling of immeasurable peace, these feelings surfaced and spread throughout the jungle, and my hand began to translate them into poems and songs.  This was my experience with the yellow and orange butterfly.

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